Thursday, February 14, 2008

Here are some of the books and short stories that have been mentioned in class. They are not required for reading, but you may find them interesting.I plan to add to the list as I think of it...

On The Road
by Jack Kerouac. This novel is considered one of the defining works of the Beat Generation.

The Garden of Forking Paths
by Jorge Luis Borges. A complete text version is available here

assignments from 2/14/08
Read in it’s entirety over break

At end of each scene, write reactions to play.

Include plot summary, character development, and cite any specific use of language which you find unique or which helps to drive the plot.
(Remember, we are looking for things that strike you, don't go "fishing" to find examples. Go with your gut.)

The journal will be graded as follows:

Timeliness- handed in on time- 25%
Completeness- It’s done- 25%
Depth- I see thought has gone into the responses- 25%
Breadth- The journal covers the entire play- and includes character development, plot, and use of language in responses.-25%

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Have a good break.

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