Thursday, March 27, 2008

Poetry: By the People, For the People

As you know, I frequently participate in English Nerd Seminars. I posted the following poems with an explanation of Poetry in the Round and here is what we received back.......

This also gives Charles, Andy and Eric a chance to see what we read in class after they left....without the hilarity.

Plan on another "round" soon.

And now, I give you, your words.

Shut up, Nerd

"Shut up, Nerd.

Said an angry fellow classmate
pointing a razor-sharp pencil
surrounded by pencil shavings and half-chewed erasers.
Into her unsuspecting nose
Which crinkled up, and cried a little
as snot dripped onto the pencil.

Ew, that’s gross
said the
weird kid in
the corner, but nobody cared."

And this was the comment:
"It evokes great imagery for me (ever watched a little kid shove something up their nose, screw up their face and start to blub? That image, in half the words)."

The Silent Bird Sings of Morn

"The silent bird sings of morn.
Black dew-drops - drunken tufts of sky
laying midnights and yellows on the righthand

An ocean of suspended petals
Drift in and out of the light
Forming pictures of the early
morning as I gaze out my window."

And the comment:
".."The silent bird sings of morn.."
Pretty zen... is this kid studying
"Set Theory" in math, maybe?"

Black, Hollow & Timeless

"Black, hollow, and timeless
Slowly disappearing in the
explosion of the citadel
opening the portal

Recalling the names of each,
the faces of none, the will
of only one.

Free the frail and restless bones
shackled and poor.
Let us measure our worth once more.

And the comment:
"...around here, and Citadel reference would have brought on an argument about the Clemson/USC rivalry...Can you imagine poetry in the round with 14 year olds. Any snot reference would render the class incapable of learning for at least 15 minutes."


Sarah said...

i'm so happy i finally found this site! it's even better in lolcat:

Byrne's English12AP said...

OMG I can't believe it.

Good work Sarah!