Monday, April 7, 2008

Terms to know for take-home test

When writing the take-home test, I expect your answers to the poetry questions to reflect fluency with poetic terms you have learned throughout the year, as well as the following terms specifically:
extended metaphor
dramatic framework
rhetorical stress
figurative language
3 types of irony
lesson or moral of poem
thought or main idea of poem

Here is a link to a Glossary of Poetic Terms:

The following poems will be included:
Owen - Dulce Et Decorum Est p. 7
Frost - Acquainted With the Night p.256
Eliot - Journey of the Magi p.145
Milton - On His Blindness p.140-141
Shelley - Ozymandias p. 121

Your analysis should include an accurate interpretation of meaning, as well as references to poetic terms and devices used in the poem.
DATE: 4/10/08 DUE: 4/14/08
The test will be given to you on Thursday 4/10/08.
It will be due on our first day of class after the break 4/14/08.
You will be writing three-four essays.
Please time yourself as you write and notate your time after each essay.


megan said...

Hi! Quick question: Can I use pieces from interpretations of poetry that I've read on the internet if I cite them?

Byrne's English12AP said...


I'd rather have you stick to a personal response; it's more in keeping with the structure of the exam.

Spencer Place said...

So, this is due the 21st, right? First day after break? Not first day after the weekend? I hope? And are you expecting an extremely well-polished essay or something similar to the AP essays?

Byrne's English12AP said...

It's due the 21st.
Our first day back is an even day.